Enhanced Crop Intelligence for Strategic Sourcing at Walmart

A field of crops being produced for Walmart.

Walmart is embarking on a pilot program utilizing Agritask’s agricultural technology to gain real-time insights into crop conditions. This initiative, focusing on blackberry and cherry crops in the U.S. and Mexico, is designed to provide Walmart‘s sourcing managers with hyperlocal data, aiding in more informed sourcing decisions. The move is part of a broader industry trend towards integrating advanced technologies to streamline supply chains and adapt to the volatile impacts of climate change on agricultural production.

Adapting to Climate Challenges in Agriculture

The pilot program is a response to the increasing influence of climate on supply chain stability. With extreme weather events identified as a top supply chain risk in 2024, Walmart’s collaboration with Agritask aims to mitigate food waste and enhance the freshness of produce offered to customers. The technology will enable Walmart to navigate the unpredictability of weather patterns, which are significant contributors to food loss during the agricultural production phase. By leveraging Agritask’s scalable and “climate-smart” solutions, Walmart intends to refine its sourcing strategies to maintain consistent product quality and availability despite environmental uncertainties.

Future Expansion and Technological Integration

The success of this pilot could lead to a broader application of Agritask’s solutions in Walmart’s supply chain for subsequent seasons. This initiative is part of Walmart’s ongoing efforts to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into its supply chain operations, which include various other tech-driven projects aimed at sustainability and efficiency. The pilot is supported by Walmart Global Tech’s Sparkubate program, which fosters innovation through partnerships with startups.