Innovative Robotics Integration at Renault

A branded pillar outside the Renault office.

Renault Group has taken a significant leap in manufacturing innovation by partnering with Exotec, an industrial robotics leader, to establish a fully automated facility at its Villeroy location. This pioneering move is a first in the automotive industry, with the Villeroy Parts and Accessories Logistics Department now boasting a state-of-the-art robotic system designed to enhance efficiency and safety.

The introduction of Exotec’s Skypod robots, capable of reaching high shelves, has been a game-changer in reducing occupational hazards, particularly fall risks for workers. The implementation of this robotic solution has led to a sixfold decrease in parts order preparation time and a more compact storage area.

Enhanced Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Xavier Lhors, the after-sales logistics director at Renault Group, expressed pride in the partnership with Exotec, which has positioned the Villeroy site as a beacon of innovation. The integration of these advanced robotic systems, along with the dedication of Renault’s teams, has enabled a 25% increase in order processing, underlining the company’s dedication to customer service excellence.

Thomas Genestar, Exotec’s managing director for Western Europe, highlighted the synergy between Renault’s automotive leadership and Exotec’s robotic prowess. The Skypod system’s adaptability and agility are tailored to meet the intricate demands of the automotive industry, improving operational comfort and efficiency.

Scalable and Energy-Efficient Automation

Exotec’s logistics solution is designed for versatility, accommodating production fluctuations by adding storage modules, robots, and conveyor modifications in real-time. The 191 autonomous robots at the Villeroy site are equipped with sophisticated navigation and handling features, allowing them to perform a variety of tasks such as picking, inventory management, and put-away.

The automated system is structured around three core processes: injection, picking, and shipping. This automation has not only enhanced working conditions and safety but has also reduced delivery times and energy consumption by 30%. At its peak capacity, the Villeroy facility can process nearly 4,000 order lines per hour, handling up to 40,000 order lines in a single day.

Renault’s Villeroy site is a critical hub for maintenance and repair services, now bolstered by cutting-edge automation.