Hibbett Partners with Walmart GoLocal for Expedited Delivery

A line of walmart trollies parked outside a store

A Strategic Move for Enhanced Customer Experience

Walmart GoLocal, Walmart’s white-label delivery service, is available on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which Hibbett utilizes. “Ahead of the busy back-to-school season, expanding e-commerce and same-day delivery capabilities with Walmart GoLocal and Salesforce positions Hibbett to continue meeting customers’ expectations,” stated GoLocal VP Rina Hurst.

Walmart GoLocal’s Diversification and Expansion

Since its inception in 2021, Walmart GoLocal has diversified its client base and the types of products it handles, delivering millions of orders. The service works with retailers in over 10 verticals. The partnership with Hibbett signifies its expansion into the “athletic-inspired fashion space.”

Walmart GoLocal extended its services to Salesforce Commerce Cloud last year, enabling retailers like Hibbett to leverage the delivery service more easily. This move also helps Walmart GoLocal distinguish itself in a market filled with FedEx and UPS alternatives.

Hibbett’s Multi-Channel Delivery Approach

In addition to Walmart GoLocal, Hibbett also uses FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service for standard shipping methods, and DoorDash for delivery within two days. This multi-channel approach to delivery is part of Hibbett’s strategy to meet customer expectations for quick and efficient delivery.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction in Hibbett’s Supply Chain

The partnership with Walmart GoLocal aligns with Hibbett’s recent efforts to reduce its supply chain costs. The retailer reported a decrease in freight, shipping, and logistics costs as a percentage of net sales in its 2024 fiscal year. “We continue to always look at ways to make the process more efficient, getting closer to the consumer in terms of delivery cost [and] obviously running things through our distribution center more quickly and more efficiently,” said Hibbett SVP and CFO Bob Volke.