Streamlining ESG Compliance with AWS Supply Chain Sustainability

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Amazon’s Global Trade and Product Compliance (GTPC) team has successfully utilized AWS Supply Chain Sustainability to simplify the auditing of ESG data, enhancing efficiency and data security in the process.

Digitizing Supply Chains for Sustainable Growth

The digitization of supply chains is becoming increasingly crucial for cost optimization and sustainable growth. Manual management of complex regulations and auditing supplier data are proving inefficient, posing challenges in maintaining sustainability compliance across global supply chains. Amazon’s GTPC team has leveraged AWS Supply Chain Sustainability to streamline data collection and improve interactions with trading partners, saving approximately 3,000 operational hours annually.

Overcoming Manual Approach Challenges with AWS

Manual approaches to ESG auditing present several challenges, including data security vulnerabilities, fragmented coordination, disjointed communication, and a lack of metrics. AWS Supply Chain Sustainability simplifies the process of requesting, collecting, and auditing ESG data from suppliers and trading partners. The tool enhances data protection, eliminates redundant data, and enables flexible workload allocation, making it easier to distribute data collection forms and request product life cycle assessments.

Enhancing Supply Chain Management Efficiency

Nishant Jain, Senior Manager Certifications at GTPC, praises the AWS Supply Chain Sustainability module for its efficiency and user-friendliness. The tool helps avoid duplicate communications and data requests, provides real-time status updates, and improves the supplier experience by providing a single view of all required compliance artifacts.

Mitigating ESG Risks through Improved Visibility

AWS Supply Chain Sustainability has improved communication between GTPC and its suppliers, enabling in-depth conversations and timely responses. The tool has also enhanced visibility, allowing GTPC to identify sustainable practice improvement ideas to mitigate regulatory non-compliance risks. The auditable communication facilitated by AWS Supply Chain Sustainability ensures a clear record of interactions and exchanges, improving security compliance and providing a reliable method for data transfer. This visibility ensures GTPC is aware of any changes, challenges, or issues within their trading partner network that could affect regulatory compliance progress.

AWS Supply Chain Sustainability has proven to be a valuable tool for Amazon’s GTPC team in streamlining ESG compliance efforts. By digitizing supply chain processes, overcoming manual approach challenges, enhancing management efficiency, and improving visibility, the tool has significantly contributed to simplifying the auditing of ESG data and ensuring regulatory compliance across global supply chains.