Avon International Employs Blue Yonder for Supply Chain Enhancement

A row of nail polishes including an Avon bottle.

Avon International Employs Blue Yonder for Supply Chain Enhancement

Avon International has partnered with Blue Yonder to develop a comprehensive, next-generation supply chain. The move aims to bolster Avon’s strategic vision in the increasingly competitive cosmetics industry.

Blue Yonder’s AI-Driven Solutions Attract Avon

Avon International, a global beauty company with operations in over 40 countries, has chosen Blue Yonder’s supply chain solutions to centralize its demand and supply planning. The company was drawn to Blue Yonder’s flexible SaaS supply chain solutions, which leverage advanced AI and machine learning capabilities. These features will enable Avon to streamline demand planning, respond swiftly to market changes, and enhance decision-making.

Enhancing Avon’s Supply Chain with Blue Yonder

Avon’s decision to partner with Blue Yonder was driven by the need to optimize its manufacturing and distribution processes across Europe and the Asia-Pacific. The company aims to establish a ‘planning hub’ for centralized demand and supply planning. Blue Yonder’s solutions, powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities, will enable Avon to meet the evolving needs of its customers, representatives, and partners in a profitable and sustainable manner.

The Benefits of Blue Yonder’s Solutions

Blue Yonder’s solutions stand out for their robustness, experience, and scalability of machine learning forecasting. They also offer extensibility and explainability of causal factors, such as campaigns, price, promotions, catalogue position, and seasonality. These factors train Blue Yonder’s machine learning models to predict future demand.

With the implementation of Blue Yonder’s solutions, Avon International is set to streamline operations, surpass forecast accuracy, expand omni-channel capabilities, and improve service levels. The partnership will also support Avon’s commitment to values such as inclusion, women empowerment, and equity.