Alibaba Launch Simplified Global Sourcing

An image of a iPhone logged onto an Ecommerce store. has launched a new service, Alibaba Guaranteed, designed to streamline global sourcing for small and medium-sized businesses using the e-commerce platform. The service allows users to find products at fixed prices with low order minimums and a guaranteed delivery date, according to Rah Mahtani,’s North America head of marketing. The goal is to eliminate the need for lengthy supplier negotiations and significant spending on new products.

Fast Shipping and Low Order Minimums

Products listed under the Alibaba Guaranteed category must be shipped within three to seven days, with fulfillment managed by Currently, orders can be shipped to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K., France, and Germany. Since its soft launch in March, the service has aimed to lower the barrier to entry for small businesses to source and eventually launch new items. Buyers are typically ordering in smaller quantities through the service and opting for air cargo for faster transportation.

Future Plans for Alibaba Guaranteed, a subsidiary of China-based tech giant Alibaba Group, plans to expand the range of products, suppliers, and shipping capabilities for Alibaba Guaranteed. The company manages shipping for the service through its network of logistics providers. “We’re definitely looking at how we can be faster with shipping offerings,” Mahtani said, indicating that the company is exploring various strategies to achieve this goal.

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