Neo Tangent Redefines Success with Collaborative Supply Chain Strategies

A recent report by HFS Research, titled "Navigating the labyrinth: Neo Tangent's blueprint for collaborative supply chains," highlights the importance of rethinking supply chain structures and the innovative strategies employed by Neo Tangent. Neo...

Air Freight Recovery from CrowdStrike Crash: A Matter of Weeks

The global CrowdStrike cybersecurity software outage has left the air freight industry grappling with significant disruptions, with recovery expected to take weeks. Air Freight Industry Faces the Brunt The recent global CrowdStrike cybersecurity...

Port of Los Angeles Receives $8M Grant for Tech Advancements

The Port of Los Angeles has been granted nearly $8 million to enhance its Port Optimizer technology, improving container visibility, truck appointment systems, and emissions reporting. Port of Los Angeles Secures Funding The Port of Los Angeles has...